Tuesday 24 june 2 24 /06 /Jun 20:52

Candy Pets is a browser based match 3 type puzzle game that's fun for the whole family. It features a variety of game modes that require the player to make combos of three or more of the same colored pet. There are purple bats, green frogs, yellow chicks, orange tigers, blue cats, pink bunnies, […]
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Wednesday 21 may 3 21 /05 /May 21:14

Although most racing games are strictly-defined within the genre's narrow limitations, Dream Car Racing is less of a racing game than a runner: a game where the object is continuous movement with minimal obstacles or competition. In runners, maintaining your rhythm is key, and you'll find that […]
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Tuesday 8 april 2 08 /04 /Apr 16:26

Battle Fish is one of the 10 best HTML5 games from the last year. In this neat little leveler that pits your big blue fish against the monsters of the sea you'll begin life inside a bubble, where you're asked to tap and grow. It's this simple concept that fuels the rest of the game, as you swim […]
By mizuki - Posted in: Action Games
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