Monday 26 january 2015 1 26 /01 /Jan /2015 13:30

2Cars also forces you to multitask. The basic graphics and design are very simple. There are no animations. A nice background soundtrack is included that adds something to the gameplay since there is little visual variety. The screen is divided into two sides in 2Cars. The right and left sides […]
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Friday 9 january 2015 5 09 /01 /Jan /2015 14:32

Must a Mine is a game that can be played like an idle clicker or like a slow building and strategy game. Your job in the game is to amass gold, diamonds and other treasure while burrowing down into the earth with your mining crew. The game has consistent and entertaining graphics that are […]
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Thursday 18 december 2014 4 18 /12 /Dec /2014 15:13

In the wake of advances in browser and gaming technology, Free Range Games recently released a 3D third person shooter, FreeFall Tournament, that can be played in an internet browser. FreeFall Tournament is a fast-paced and action-packed shooter that enables players to choose from a number of […]
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