Tuesday 8 april 2014 2 08 /04 /Apr /2014 16:26

Battle Fish is one of the 10 best HTML5 games from the last year. In this neat little leveler that pits your big blue fish against the monsters of the sea you'll begin life inside a bubble, where you're asked to tap and grow. It's this simple concept that fuels the rest of the game, as you swim […]
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Wednesday 26 march 2014 3 26 /03 /Mar /2014 15:04

Game on gamers! You can play the free game Pop Pop Rush on your mobile device or on the computer. It can be addictive because you want to try to get as many balloons popped as possible. The goal of the game by FGL Indie Showcase is to get the highest points possible in the time allowed. Points […]
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Thursday 13 march 2014 4 13 /03 /Mar /2014 12:24

Frenzy Airport is able to be played on your PC, XBOX360 and PS3. The game was manufactured by wangweigong.com and published by girlgamesnow.com. In this free version of the fun time management game the player needs to make it through the day helping travelers catch their planes on time. It is a […]
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