Wednesday 17 september 2014 3 17 /09 /Sep /2014 14:36

This Naruto-themed 2-player dueling game puts a new spin on the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors - but in a way many Westerners may be uncomfortable with appreciating. Combining RPS with the Japanese childrens' gag of kancho, Thousand Years of Death is little more than a brief, but appreciable […]
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Wednesday 10 september 2014 3 10 /09 /Sep /2014 18:15

The puzzle game Burn Everything is an addictive example of how simplicity done well can be very entertaining. Starting a fire by dragging a match underneath something flammable, players then stack the kindling so embers ignite all parts of everything burnable. Clean, well programmed, and just […]
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Thursday 4 september 2014 4 04 /09 /Sep /2014 18:05

Sally's BBQ Joint is a very fun game that requires your character to cook food for restaurant customers before they get impatient and attack you. The controls are very simple and easy to learn, and the graphics are very charming and cute. You can play Sally's BBQ Joint in a Web browser or on a […]
By mizuki - Posted in: Mobile Games
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