Wednesday 24 september 3 24 /09 /Sep 13:59

Shadow Kings from is a strategy game played in real time, set in a fantasy world that borrows from the Tolkien books – humans, elves and dwarves battling orcs and trolls. The player creates a small city that features wood harvesting, stone quarrying and production of food. Small […]
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Wednesday 17 september 3 17 /09 /Sep 14:36

This Naruto-themed 2-player dueling game puts a new spin on the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors - but in a way many Westerners may be uncomfortable with appreciating. Combining RPS with the Japanese childrens' gag of kancho, Thousand Years of Death is little more than a brief, but appreciable […]
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Wednesday 10 september 3 10 /09 /Sep 18:15

The puzzle game Burn Everything is an addictive example of how simplicity done well can be very entertaining. Starting a fire by dragging a match underneath something flammable, players then stack the kindling so embers ignite all parts of everything burnable. Clean, well programmed, and just […]
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