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Death Chamber from Addicting Games is a new free online platform game that can be found on Silvergames.com. At first glance, it seems to be a typical action platformer where you have to get to the end of a level while everything is trying to kill you. On the way you'll have to jump over beds of spikes, avoid buzz saws, keep from getting crushed by falling pillars, and other things that you might find in games like this. The main gimmick here is that when you die, your body stays behind and takes up space right where you were killed. Seeing as you get at least ten lives, these corpses can pile up pretty quickly. 

Interestingly enough, the ever-growing collection of corpses can make for a helpful gameplay mechanic. Are you having trouble jumping over a bed of spikes? Impale one of your tiny one-eyed characters onto them and jump on his body. Since death happens so quickly and so often in the Death Chamber Game, you can also sacrifice a few of your lives to know what kind of grisly death lies ahead of you. Just don't let it happen too often; it's easy for too many bodies to pile up and get in your way, making an already challenging game even harder.

Death Chamber is a fun time killer for anybody who likes platforming games with a puzzle element, but it's probably not for everybody. When we say this game is hard and that everything is trying to kill you, we mean it. The slightest mistake or wrong move ends in death, and you have to start from the beginning of the level when you lose a life. Granted, the constant death is a game mechanic that can and should be exploited, but it will take lightning quick reflexes and lots of memorization if anybody is going to get through the later levels of this unscathed. Still, it's a fun little game to play if you have some free time. Just don't expect to breeze through any of the levels on your first - or tenth - try.

Can You Survive In A Death Chamber?
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